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Looking for any help I can get before I lose my...

I've been fighting this thing probably the last 5 years the first time it let me down the wires broke on the steering stem under the headlight pod and it just died found that fix that didn't have a problem for a while probably a couple years but then started to run like crap recently where it was backfire spitting sputtering and would eventually die if left to idle and started flashing engine codes at that point I started finding other broken wires at my sensor locations related to the codes that the machine was flashing ended up pretty much replacing every pigtail that you could get and installed them meticulously with soldered connecting and shrink wrapped tight thought I had every issue corrected and was wrong again it continued to flash the same codes 22 41 46 47 which is weird and 58 so back to fighting the harness again I pretty much did continuity test on every wire back to the ECM that the code said was bad or had faults looking for broken wires and couldn't find any but in Reading other forms guys have said that the wire can be broken and would still show continuity so at my Wit's end I decided finally to order the GD brand new wiring harness got it installed probably within an hour's time since I had the other harness mostly out beautiful new piece felt so great about it turn the key guess what happens same effin codes still runs like dog crap what do I do next has anybody on here had a similar issue could it be the ECM is bad?? I can't find any stories of anybody with a duplicate nightmare any help would be appreciated trying to resist bringing it to the dealer.
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