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Figuring that my Polaris has 50 some hours on it now, its about time to tear down the suspension and make sure everything is hunky dory.

To my surprise, the swing arm bolt came out very easily. I tapped it with a hammer and it shot completely out.The swing arm bolt didnt have any grease, dirt or water on it. It was very clean. Although, it was showing signs of wear cause the lack of grease. The top and bottom mounts on the rear shock....no grease in the bushings either.

I took the front suspension completely apart. My steering is becoming so stiff, now I know why. The ball joints are shot. The rubber boots are broken and the joints are full of muddy water. Using just my hands, I can barely move the ball joints around.

I found the bushings inside the front hubs to be clean.....again, no grease anywhere. The front shock bushings didnt have grease either.

If you havent done so, you might wanna consider breakin down the suspension to make sure theres grease.

....anyone have a 1 3/4 inch wrench, I still have to knock out my axle....

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