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Working at a relaxed pace, I spent the last two months, installing new valve seals in my Honda. I just got it all back together tonight and the spark plug is still getting wet. The only thing I can think of, is that when I replaced the rings last october, I must have placed that one ring upside down.

Anyone have a sledge-hammer?.
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-rolling my eyes- Yea, I wish the ring was upside down.

I took her apart this afternoon and found the piston destroyed and the cylinder walls so bad of shape it HAS to be resleeved.

Chatting with the dealer, he told me the cheapest way out of it is to purchase a 440 kit. I never planned on a 440 kit in the past, guess I dont have much choice now...wonder what EBay has to offer this afternoon.....
So what caused the damage?
It was a circlip that fell out of place. It broke up and caused alot of damage to both sides of the piston and cylinder walls. :/

I bought a 440 kit off Ebay about two hours ago. Didnt want to go that way, but its the cheapest.
Oh yeah ,the ol circlip fubarooo. That'll do it every time. Make sure the circlip opening is either at the 6 or 12 o clock position when installed in the piston so centrifugal force doesn't dislodge it. Also when installing the circlips don't compress them anymore than neccessary which will reduce their radial tension. What 440 kit did you get? If it's a flat top piston that sets below the cylinder deck .040 or so your compression ratio isn't gonna be to impressive. Hopefully they've addressed that problem with the newer kits. What cam are you running?
I got a Wiseco 440 coming. Honestly, I would like to set it up the way I had it. (11:1 406cc's) But the 440 kit is cheaper than the stock sleeve alone. The kit comes with a 11:1 piston. The cam I have now is a WB's all around cam.

I posted pics at EXRIDERS/Powertrain/blown piston pic.
Got the kit this morning. Only the sleeve has a chip on the bottom of it. Sent it back to recieve a new one. The piston was suppose to be a 11:1 compression. I was sent a 12.5.1......DARN! lol

....she should have some pep now.
i bet that 12.5:1 just broke your heart lil buddy =)~
With 12.5:1 what octane will you have to run?
I'll take a guess and say 100 octane at sea level... MAYBE 96 up where I am. But the only stuff you can get here in Reno is the 110 octane leaded stuff for like $8/gal or something insane like that.

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