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Turbo Predator

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Click here for the website. Wow! Pricey though... $3400? Yikes. Still, if it runs reliably, that's a good slap in Trinity's face, since the last I heard, every turbo Raptor they've built has melted. Rob
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Thats more then I would put into my predator, anybody with a nos add on
Ive seen some of them Turbo kits for over 4500 for a Rapttor before....Thats insane.....I saw somewhere that the turbo worked real nice in the Predator in stock form, any body remember that article???I Cant remember where I read it though.....
Tom ( wwwhiper-technology.com ) has been working with turbos on quads for some time now. He raced a banshee years ago with fuel injection and a turbo, now he is running carburated turbo banshees as well. There was an article a few years ago in dirtwheels of one of his bikes. The pictures were from silverlake. One of them is on the homepage of his website. A-lot of people were interested after him and a few others went to glamis and walked all over all the big name engine builders on thanksgiving weekend. No one could even come close to touching the bike in the drags. He has sold a-lot of those kits for the banshees, I am sure they will sell well for the predator also. He is also gonna be selling stronger tierods for the predator in the near future. By the way, for those who don't know, those are the hiper-technology carbon fiber wheels on the predator at the above link.
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