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I am curious to know what rear tires some of you racers out there are running?
I am considering running the 18x9.5x8 Turf Tamers(thats after I put on the Rath Racing 4x110 MX billet hubs) I am wondering if this is to small based on the size and weight of the Predator. Any thoughts on this anyone? I will also be running the 19x6x10 MX Holeshots on the front. I have found the the Rear Maxxis Razors that are stock on the Predator tend to slide out to easily in turns and do not seem to hook up as well as the Turf Tamers I had on my 250R.
Also has anyone tried the new MXR Holeshot tires from ITP?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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