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should i wait or not...

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I was just wondering the opinion of everyone. Should I get the white bros silecer, hmf (wuts the price on that?), or wait to see price and what FMF is coming out with?
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I got the HMF slip on, it adds 5 horse with the 155 main jet. It is kinda loud but i like the sound better than the white brothers. Plus you can get the pipes coated in different colors if you want.
WAIT. Wait about six months for the aftermarket companies to get most of the pipes out and fully tested. That way youll be able to find out which pipe is more suited to your riding needs.

Me? Im not purchasing ANY go fast products yet. Im gonna hold off until mid summer, then look to see whats out there.
And the rest of us with to go fast products will blow by you! ;)
Ill just lock my front bumper to your grab bar and Ill always be right there. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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