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does anyone reccomend a scrambler for speed? i just need omething fast and im still looking around, the scrambler seems to be pretty cheap but id like to know the speeds of the 400 an 500 thanks to anyone that can help
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I have a 2003 500 Scrambler and I am happy with it, of course I like the Predator better, but my Scrambler is a very good quad very good speed and can't forget about the 4 wheel drive it will take you anywhere.Top speed is around 50 to 55
I have a 2002 Scrambler 400X. I have clocked it at 65. It is plenty of fun but the Predator is definetly way faster
I own a Scrambler X 400 and I would say if you are looking for wicked speed you are barking up the wrong tree. Get a Predator, the extra money spent will be worth it. My top speed is around 63 mph.
I have a 01 scrammy 500 4x4 all stock except for a 700 belt, it tops out at 55 running down the highway next to my truck.
My buddy has scrambler 400. My stock 400EX couldnt take it during a drag race on pavement. The pooplaris is pretty fast. Being an automatic, I was impressed how easily the front wheels come off the ground when attempting to wheelie it
I have a 99 400 scrambler, 02 400 X and just got a predator. When I first got my 400 X I was a little disappointed about the speed. My 99 was a tad faster. So after adding a pipe, clucth kit, K & N air filter, and re-jetting it, I can barely keep the front wheels down. Though I have never topped it out on the road to see how fast it is, it is very fast.
My '99 scram does 65
i have 2001 2x4 scrambler with 14.5 hpd head lightened fly wheel trail pipe jet ket clutch kit and it still wont keep up with my predator. neather will any other stock bike.
a fully tricked out 400 scrammy with HPD race mods on race fuel will
make some cavitys on a predator in a drag race with proper setup,but isn't
no match in term of top speed,but that 2 stroke engine is a blast with the
right mods done and have alot of hp's...
I have a scrambler and a predator. The scrambler is so slow there nothing to compare. It's not built for speed or handling like the predator. My buddies 700 twin polaris runs 62mph on radar and I can blow by him no problem with my scrambler. But They do make a 628 cc bore and stroke kit for the scramble that sounds fast.
how accurate are the speedos on the atvs?? ive hit 60 multiple times on my 96xplorer 400 2stroker
gps to my speedo on my Sportsman is a couple of mph difference. I can't remember which one is faster though

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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