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I went to the Salinas Motorcycle Center today to buy a Predator. I was prepared to pay $6,000 + tax and was ready to write a check / credit card and go 4 wheelin. I called before I made the 70 mile trek and they said they had plenty, come on down. So I get there and they only have one and it is full of options on it. They wanted $6,000 for the Predator + $400 for destination fees + $380 for setup + $1,000 for markup + $1,000 for options + $200 for installing the options + Tax, Title, and Liscence 10%. That is $9,900 for a Predator!!! The options were skid plates, muffler, bumper, and nerf bars. So I tell them I just want a stock one and they say this is all they have and then they say there is a guy coming to buy it so if I want it I better hurry up, I told them to forget it. Then they tell me they have a stock one in their warehouse 20 minutes away. I say how much? They say same as above except no options ($8,600). I said forget it. Then they said how about $4,000 + 1,000 markup + $400 + $380 + Tax = $5,780 + Tax - cool. So I gave them my credit card. Then the games really started. They sent 4 different salesmen over trying to get more money, they were losing money on the deal, where did I get the $4,000 number from, etc. This was worse than buying a used car and I couldn't leave because they had my credit card and drivers liscence. They even made me complete a credit application! Finally after 2 hours and 4 salesmen they said they could not do the deal for $5,780 - they could for $5,900. I called their bluff and left - they weren't bluffing. This whole thing pisses me off!!! I wanted to buy a Predator today and use it today and I wanted to pay $6,000 and these idiots stopped me from doing it. Avoid them at all cost!!!!! I also lost my whole Saturday - 3 hours driving and 2 hours with these jerks. Anyone know if Polaris has a number I can call?
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