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rode my friends brand new yamaha. This really is a nice quad. I only weigh 170 pounds so it was a real comfortable fit. probably not too good for bigger riders(above 225 or so).
The powerband is smooth and predictable and it runs out real nice. make no mistake this is a fast bike.

I noticed a couple of wierd things for a stock quad.
1. I was racing up a hill, and it would die when I let off at the top, like the carb was loading up

2. after it dies it doesnt like to start in gear, so I would put it in neutral and it would start up.

3 when running it is really hard to get into neutral, I gave up and just shut it off and put it in neutral and then started it again.

I think this is a great quad, but it did come at a price I think he paid about 7800 OTD. and I think he paid too much(setup fees etc)

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I'll put my .02 in...I saw two yfz's practice and race this past weekend. I'll admit that they are pretty good looking. In the first pictures that I looked at the bike still looked like it was a little narrow in the rear end to be fully race ready. One of the guys had taken the air box lid off and took the spark assestor out and he said it definetly helped the bike out, but the bike backed fired about a half a dozen times around the track. He also took off the parking brake and headlights and taillight. The other guy left all of those things attached, but had holeshots 18/11/9 on the rear and 20/6/10 on the front. The bikes had plenty of power, one of the guys got the hole shot both motos. In practice I did pull up against one and we nailed it...maybe just a quinident but I beat him to the first corner. The only thing I have done to my pred is a thirteen tooth front sprocket. I can't wait till a shootout from dirtwheels. There is noway this bike is going to corner like the predator...I saw first hand. Even the owners said that they were not race ready because they needed a extended rear axial and A arms., everything else was pretty good about the bike(power, suspension, and jumping).

Just what I saw and got told by the owners.

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The big Question? How is The YFZ 450?? I LIKE IT! , it has a lot of power
in its stock form.My Predator definetly turns better though.But I think it
will be a real close in a drag race against the predator. On Saturday I did
drag race a 400ex,Z400,and a Raptor with pipe jet kit airbox mods, beat them
all.The raptor was the closest by only a bike length.Take in mind this was
only about an @1/8th mile and i couldnt get it it into 5th gear.Let alone i
only had about an hour ride time on it!The yfz450 has a mean 2nd,3rd 4th
gear pull...The front end likes to come up on you when shifting into
second.Thats exactly what i expected. They took the motocross 4 stroke motor
that has 2 stroke characteristics and stuck it in a quad.And thats what it
feels like. I did notice that when it gets hot and you shut it off and
restart it, the starter goes real sloowww,sounding almost like a dead
battery,I figured out that just give it a little gas as you hit the starter
button and she fires right up.(The headlights dont come on unless the bike
is running,now i know why)Remember how hard the YZ426 was to start when it
was hot?The suspension is real nice,My Predator feels a little softer and
cushier up front.But the YFZ is softer in the rear.As far as wheelies
go....The YFZ is almost as easy to wheelie as a 400EX. Its got a great
balance point once you get it up in a wheelie and its fun.Overall the YFZ
feels small... kinda like a 400EX but a little bit bigger...But its real fun
to ride, easy to throw around,lotsa power. The bike is just begging to be
uncorked,the exhaust hole in the muffler is the size of my pinky finger. I
figure,Exhaust,jet kit, airbox lid off and your untouchable! .
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