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Worked on a customer/friend's '08 Ranger 700, put new back axles in (from Oreilly's) and straightened out a few wiring shorts. And changed oil. Very little came out, filled til it was full on the stick. He took it on vacation, tipped it over, righted it, and drove away, the engine, he said, got louder and louder and died, then would only clunk when the starter was engaged. I removed the spark plugs and turned engine by hand with wooden dowels, the passenger side cylinder didn't move. Ordered a rebuild kit from Everything Polaris, took 10 weeks to get it. This Ranger seems like a black sheep. I've rebuilt many engines, this is my first Polaris. Anything I need to know? I'm currently trying to take the head bolts loose. Reverse threaded? Any info will help and be much appreciated. Thank you.
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