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Well I pretty much ruined a front tire today.

I am hoping someone may have one or pair or maybe even a whole set if the price is right.

What I need is a PXT size 26x8x12. A standard front tire. Used is fine. The rest of my tires have about 50 to 60% tread left. I would like to find something similar if possible. I guess better would be OK!

I hit a rock in the trail running pretty fast. I knew it probably ruined the tire as soon as I hit it. It put 2 good size holes in the side wall that took many plugs to seal up plus 1 other hole I fixed with just 1 plug. A plug in the sidewall dont bother me too much but this is pretty bad to be so much in 1 spot.

Hopefully someone can help me out with something they have took off their bike.
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