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Pure Polaris nerfs

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I was just wondering what everyone thought of these. I have to get them because I cant get any other kind. I need them for the track this weekend!!!
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They install in only about 30 mins...the instructions estimate 1 hour. Just ran them through a harescramble and some other riding this last weekend. Fit great, and work great.
I love them, fit and finish, but I used larger washers through the netting just to hold it better. And they shine up great with some Mothers Polish and elbow grease.
Well I got them and the price made me mad! $240 but I need them for this weekend and no one else can get them. Easy instalation. I would have changed a few things on them myself. Like red webbing but o well looks good anyway.
I paid $185 for mine. Don't forget to snagle with your dealer, I'm sure they paid a lot less for them than that!! Someone has a listing on what they cost the dealer, but I forgot to save it.
do you think there strong and sturdy enough?
the pure polaris ones are actually pro armor nerfs...i got the ones with the heel guards
You guys realize the "original" thread is almost 3 years old.....

WOW...they dug this one up from the grave.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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