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Yes, I went out and got a 700 V-Force (orange), just to see how it compares to the Predator. And as I do my own shootout, I will keep the one that's best for me. Heck, it's only money. After about a hr of running the 700, I decided to see how fast it was at 300'. I have about a 350' flat straight driveway before a slight corner. I started on pavement, and it went to a hard gravel. So these are the times of each of three runs.
KFX 700
1st run---5.76, the first was the best take off of the three. About a 6" wheelie
2nd 6.25---even leaning way forward, the front came up to high
3rd 5.85--- didn't get on it as much, because of what happen on 2nd try

1st run 6.07, stated in 1st, and ended in 4th
2nd 6.02, started in 2nd, but didn't get into 4th. hitting rev limiter in 3rd at the end
3rd 5.81, started in 2nd, and ended in 4th. This was the best set-up

Both atv's are stock, except a 13 tooth on the Predator. Also the Predator has about 7hrs on it. So if I was to take the best times in each in a drag race, the 700 would have beaten the Predator by about 1/2 a bike lenth, or 3'.
I'll give the low end to the 700, but the mid range hit goes to the Predator by far. And even tho I didn't have the room, I believe in a longer race, the Predator would win. I give the 300' time to the 700 due to the auto, more then the motor.

My next shootout should be Friday on a 3200' track. What other test should I do? This is what I'm thinking about. Track, woods, fuel consumpsion, and fun factor. I can't do any dune runs, too far to travel.

Features I think are pretty close, but I give a slight edge to the Predator.
Easier and more adjustable suspension.
Stainless steel brake lines.
Rims and tires are about equal.
More race ready.
Has more of a power band hit
steers sharper

KFX 700
Fuel light indercator
always in the right gear
Great low end. ( but to use it fully, you about have to hang over the handle bars)
Tires and rims are about equal.
Nice rumble from the motor, but a lot of belt noise.

Overall, I'm going to have fun trying the two best sport quads out there. The question is, which one will I end with?

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Nice review. Are you planning on putting trail time on both machines and giving us a comparison. Example: which machine beats the crap out of your kidneys more, which one is more comfy to log jump with, which one is more comfy to hill climb with...etc


...one more thing, can I have your job?? lol

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I do like the 700... I'm even considering one as a second sport quad. It would be a killer trail machine because of the torque and auto. But I need a capable duner first, because my utility quads are for the trails. We all know how good the Predator is on the dunes, so it'll be interesting to see how the KFX700 does in that arena.


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I am going to do a trail test on it too, with both atv's. I plan on doing as many test as I can, other then dunes(sorry Rob). This is one thing I'm going to love doing, and if the weather is good Friday, the next test will be on a track and jumps.

as far as taking my job, you would loose a lot in travel time. To travel from Ohio to NH would be a killer. Then you would have no time to ride. However I do allright for myself, but this is something I've always wanted to do. Do my own honest and none bias shootout, and I get to keep the winner.
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