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Predator represents at the W.O.R.C.S series.

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Since I know that my friend will not brag on himself, I will post this and brag on him. My friend(roxford is his screen name on here) raced in the W.O.R.C.S series this past weekend in Washougal,WA on his TLD Predator. He was on the only Predator out there. Its mostly stock with the exception of the K&N drop in, airbox mod, W/B pipe and stock gearing. This was his first race ever. He placed second in his class and 18 out of 66 overall. He did awesome and he was not running against a bunch of slackers. There were pros out there such as Doug Eichner and Tyler Earnhart, just to name a few. I also have to say that this was a mudfest. When I say mud, I mean mud. Slop all over the track. The predator was awesome. It hooked up and ran strong for the whole race. There were people getting stuck all over the track, but the predator just powered through it all. Ren said that the stock gearing was spot on for this race and that he could not have asked for a better running ATV out there. He was very pleased with the predators performance. I am willing to bet that there are more people out there looking to get a predator because of roxford's performance on it this weekend. BIG PROPS TO REN AND THE PREDATOR!!!!!!
Here is a picture of the aftermath. I think he is still cleaning up. :)

I told you it was a mudfest!
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Cool!. And to think some people actually have to pay for a mud-pack facial. :D Great Job Roxford!!!!
RIGHT ON!!!!!! I have talked to a few others that raced here and did really well.!! I dont know about him, but I raced my frist race last year and I was a bag of nerves, for a few, I thought I was gonna pass out or puke!lol I heard it was pretty muddy and form the looks of it, it was. Wish I could have been there...... COngradulations !!!!!Tina
Doh! No blowing groceries inside a full-face helmet! EWWWWW!!!
hey local my cousin raced that and finished fifth overall TY MORRIS, I was going to race but I didn't get my nerf bars yet and I wasn't going to chance it without them. This was Ty's first professional race and he raced the pro class and finished just missed fourth. Have you raced any of the pacific raceways yet, as soon as I get my nerfs I will be out there.
Thats awesome that your cousin did so good in his first race.

I have not actually made it to a race yet at Pacific Raceways, but I have been to a few of the practice sessions. The track is nice. MUCH better than it was last year. Its a fast track with some really nice tabletops and other jumps. I think you will like it. Look us up when you go out there. I am No. 6 and my friend that also rides a Predator is No. 76. Hope to see you out there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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