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Well, I've been riding Yamahas for 25 years and thought I'd be a good, red blooded American and buy a Polaris. With 1 hour on the bike I noticed a small oil leak around the bottom front of the case. I changed the oil at 1 hour like they recommend, and headed to Walden. With about 20 more minutes on the bike, I realized my worst fears, a flaw in the casting on the right hand case in the front (a small hairline crack). I called the dealer from Walden- he said finish the day out and bring it back. The dealer also told me he would have just swapped me with another one, except I took Polaris' generous financing offer and am now at Polaris' mercy because the serial number has already been recorded to me. The Predator ran great and handles like a dream. I sat on the YFZ 450 and it felt too small- I really like the feel of the Predator. However, the rest of the story sucks. Period.

Two weeks later...
Polaris originally wanted to send a new case- nothing more. I told the dealer a new case was unacceptable, as the quad was leaking right off the bat, and I didn't want him splitting the case on a brand new machine I just paid top dollar for. I wanted a new complete engine or a new quad. He argued with Polaris some more and they agreed to send a new engine. My Wife even contacted Polaris to make sure he was telling the truth, as he is new in town and we didn't know him from Adam. The person at Polaris told my Wife the dealer had gone to bat for us, because they won't typically replace more than the minimum necessary, and confirmed a new engine was to be shipped based on my VIN number. When Polaris told him a few days later the engine would be another few weeks out instead of a few days, he went to bat for me again and I picked up another Predator yesterday to replace my original one. This guy was honest, and really went the distance for us to try and make things right. If you are looking for a Predator, or any other Polaris or Kawasaki for that matter, give him a call.

J.R. Harsh
Power Sports Unlimited
2406 6th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

P.S. $6500.00 with WB (Pure Polaris) pipe and nerf bars

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i only paid $5600.00 for my pred
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