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2006, Polaris Renegade 500
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Hi everyone. Looking for a bit of help.
I bought a used machine and it was working very well. Predator 500.
I decided to give it a good cleaning and do the maintenance on it. Changed the oil, cleaned the spark plug( had to remove the fuel tank) . Once done, I put it all together.
Noticed that the On/Off/RES switch was leaking gas.
Was a small leak.
I decided to start the machine up and see if it would run properly.
What I noticed was that while the machine was in idol , I would simply stall after about 30 seconds. As if the engine was suddenly shut off. Did it over and over again. Machine would start right back up though.
Tried to give it some revs (RPM)When I do, it does NOT SHUT OFF. I am at a loss.
Any ideas?
Did I need to prime the fuel pump? It did empty when I removed the tank.
Is it possible it’s because of the fuel leak under the talk?
Hope someone can help.
Thank you in advance.
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