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not running

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has anyone had their predator not stay running after you start it my predator will start but wont stay running and it will only start with the choke all the way out if i give it any gas or push the choke in it like runs out of gas
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Sounds like your out of gas. Add more or turn the knob to resereve. Check your plug. Possbily adjust the nuts on the throttle cable. Check your idle screw also. I would bet that its just needs gas.
It's out of gas even if you can see gas in the tank, but it's way down there. It also tends to run out with little or no warning. It happened to me on the way up Comp Hill on the dunes a few weeks ago. It just QUIT right then and there. Wouldn't even restart on reserve due to the steepness of the hill. I had to roll it back down to the bottom of the hill (a long way!) and crank on it a while before it'd start up so I could go back to camp and fill up.


rob you may check your vaccume line or your breather hose coming off your gas cap.
it as a full tank of gas i tried puting it on reserve and it wont run for longer than 25 to 30 sec. and i also checked the breather hose coming off the gas cap.
Are you sure that the gas is turned on properly? Sometimes that little lever feels all the way, but isn't. Kind of hard to turn.

Did you drink any water? If you were in deep water, you could have sucked some up through the vent hoses that stick way to far under the frame. If that might be the case, turn off the gas, drain your carb and try again. If you have water in the carb, your not going to be getting fuel.
Did you check the vacum hose to the fuel pump to see if it is connected or maybe the fuel pump is bad ?
I called my dealer and he said to hold my finger over the vent hose and turn it over a few times to prime the carb and it sould start and it worked he said if the bowls on the carb run out of gas the carb as to be primed
Rob.............the SAME EXACT thing happened last wk end! No warning just died going up a BIG AZZ hill. freakin out like WTF????? It was out of gas.....
don't feel bad, I just got back from a 4 day trip to silver lake, good thing my buddy brought his raptor, or I would have been sitting all weekend. My predator would not run the entire weekend, it starts and idels fine, but as soon as you try to go it bogs and pops, We finally gave up and I rode his raptor when he wasen't. I have to try to figure the predator out this week, We tried everything and nothing helped, I am really disappointed with it right now. The jetting is not the problem so I am thinking cdi or something else. We had every jet between the dynojet kit and raths kit in it and no matter what it always ran terrible.
Mine did just that once. The fuel **** was slighly off from the ON position. It started and idled fine. Once I got hard on the gas, it would bog and die.
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