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This feature is actually replacing Email Notifications. Here's how it works...

In the Edit Profile page, you can now choose whether or not the "Subscribe to Thread" box is automatically checked in the Reply area. Plus you can also choose whether or not to get Email Notification when new posts are made to subscribed threads. They're broken apart so that people who don't want all the emails can still subscribe to threads.


Because I'm working on a page that will "collect" all the new messages from subscribed threads so you can view them all at once, rather than hunting for them.

Another page will let you display all the threads that you're subscribed to for quick viewing and also for quick unsubbing if you choose.

Additionally, when viewing threads now, you will notice a new link below each message: Subscribe. This is to subscribe to that thread without having to reply. Once you've subscribed, the link will change to Unsubscribe, so you can just as easily unsubscribe. Note that clicking on the link subs you to the whole thread not just to that particular message.

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