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Here are some Nevada Sand Dunes you might consider. If you like cruising big (and steep) smooth dunes with nice bowls try Big Dune. It is 5 miles west of Amargosa Junction less than 100 miles north of Vegas on Highway 95. If you like to be by yourself, Crescent Dunes is 15 miles North of Tonopah off Highway 95 on the Gabbs pole line road. It is secluded and smaller in area but has two good size steep dunes and one good bowl. It's sees little use. Sand Mountain Nevada, 30 mile off Highway 95 east of Fallon on Highway 50, is like Big Dune with big steep hills and bowls, but has one particular hill that has sand drags on it all day long on the bigger holidays. The hill is big, but not as big as Sand Mountain Utah. It is usually packed on Memorial Day weekend. Lots of big name quad hill shooters there that weekend. Winnemucca Dunes, 15 miles north of town on Highway 95, is big in area but no real tall dunes. Very little use. Nice sand trails over the foothills to the west and scattered jumping places for quads. Duners from Northern California stop over the night here on there way to St. Anthony in Idaho. Some also come for long weekends to beat the crowds everywhere else. Not as fun for buggies, but okay. Nevada is also 85% BLM, so bring you off road tires as well as sand tires. Cheap motels, meal, rooms, and other assorted diversions in the near by local casinos.
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