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Sat July 19, 2003 5:59 PM (NEW!)

G'day guys.
This is after only 1hr break in. It is done to inform only,not to upset anyone. And at the end of the day it is only my opinion. For those who want to shove their attitude in other peoples faces, save it for someone that cares.

Rims - pred.

Tyres - pred.

Swing arm - yamaha.

skid plate - pred - yam's plate is embarrasing.

axel - pred, but it allways looks crap.

hubs - yamaha - hope they're strong- they are half the size.

hubcaps - pred.

brakes - pred.

parking brake - yam - even tho it is coming off.

clutch -yam - it is so lite.

starter button assembly - yam - it is half the size.

thumb throttle - yam - it is way smaller.

dashboard - yam.

stock exhaust - yam - i screw and baffle slides out for mean sound.

airbox -yam - lid designed to stay off.

battery location -yam - u wouldnt know it had one.

trannie - yam.

choke -yam.

fuel **** - pred - yamaha is in a very difficult position

suspension - pred

frame -yam - I wonder if I'll break this one

A-arms -pred - never bent a pred a-arm

heal guards -yam

rear grab bar -pred - can turn it over to make it easier to shift the bike

warning stickers -pred - they come off easily and leave no evidence of them
being on

weight -yam

air scoops - yam

front lights -yam- they look awesome especially when on

overall quality -equal

plastic design -yam - easily

overall look -yam

kill switch -pred - yamaha forgot to allow for it, even though it is designed for the track

potential -yam

value for money - pred

Performance? I will find out after it is broken in. I only care how it goes on the mx track.

At this stage if I could only keep one bike it would easily be the 450.

But I'm keeping both.
I'm sorry if some don't like my answers, but that's just how I see it for now. Update to follow.

Thanks from down under, Geoff.

Aussie Quad Rider

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Thanks for the info! I have no doubt that the YFZ will end up being a good racer. My only "beef" is the way Yamaha treats its customers after the sale (e.g. the "We have your money, so GO AWAY" attitude).

The main thing to remember is that for the $1000 price difference, the Predator could be a whole lot closer to the YFZ in overall features.


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Thanks waiting to hear more, (axel) I think modquad alrealy said something on this on the other form.

It looks like so for you like the yfz better. (I'm sure it's a great mach) Happy times we are all in for 4 wheelers. Got to love it, also glad the predator had the best suspenion. That makes most of us a better rider. And cost less for upgrades.


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Good post, Aussie. thanks for taking the time! :)

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That was great post...I like to hear of someone open minded and honest review.........Tina :) So, is it true what Im hearing .........tons of troubles with there A-Arms already>
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