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I just turned on this new feature... I spent most of yesterday and last night working on it, and wanted to wait until this morning to turn it on in case of any problems. This way I'll be awake to correct them. :)

You know that really lame "Profile" screen that people can pull up on you? Well, now you can add photos that will appear on it too. Go to the Profile link from the main menu to edit your own info.

There, on the left side, you will see the new area that I added. The top area is for managing Avatars (see that thread), and below it is for Photos. You can upload up to twenty photos. Any photo you upload will automatically be resized to 640 pixels wide by a proportional height (meaning the aspect ratio will remain correct). It will also be converted to a JPG file.

When you upload a file, please choose a name... spaces and other characters are allowed. An example of a name might be, "Predator in the back of my truck." Then you can enter a longer description. This will appear below the photo when somebody clicks on the thumbnail to see the large version.

You can see a list of the photos you've uploaded at the very bottom of that left column. From there, you can edit the names and descriptions of already-uploaded photos, or delete ones that you don't want anymore.

Once you've uploaded one or more photos, you will see them appear in your profile screen when you pull it up from the Members page, or anywhere else that your name is linked.

As always, suggestions are welcome! And if you have problems, please let me know. If you get the "An Error Has Occurred" page, please click the SUBMIT button on that page, so that it is emailed to me and I can fix the problem.


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