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McCunes Cycle World in Mansfield, Ohio.>>>Ive bought most of my partz and pieces for my never ending 400EX build up from these guys.I also just purchased my Predator from them also. The guys back in the service dept are great. They will take the time and answer any question that I have. The guys at the partz desk are kinda helpful. For the most part, they have been alright in getting the partz that I have ordered. The only real complaint is that they could use more personality.

The gentleman that sold me the Predator was a good guy. He didnt feed me a full line of B.S. Wasnt pushy and easy to deal with. I bought my Predator over the phone and he did a good job answering my questions.

Mid-Ohio in Mt Vernon, Ohioland isnt bad either. I do have a warning about them though. There is a guy that works in there and he ports and polishes heads for really cheap. Well, he doesnt use a flowbench. He just removes material by guessing.
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