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For anyone interested, I emailed and recieved a reply from K&N concerning the different slip-on filters being used. I think the Hot Seat filer is the RF-1001, but Im not dead sure positive on it. Interesting to see the different capacities (these are all measured with equal pressure drop across).

Dear Alan,

The RU-1770 flows 425cfm, the SN-2550 flows 368cfm, and the RF-1001 flows
582cfm. The RF-1001 has a flange diameter of 3.937" x 6.25". It is a oval
flange made to clamp on a oval mount. The base diameter is 5.5" x 7.75" and
the top diameter is 4" x 6.25". The height not including the flange is 5"
and the flange length is .875" long.

Thanks for writing,

Tony Yorkman
Technical Support
K&N Engineering
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