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Have new stock pred, what to modify 1st

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I just recently purchaced a pred, what should be the first real modifacation i should do?
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A lot would depend on your riding style and the terrain. I found that the gearing was too tall for me. I ride a lot of tight woods and rocky mountain trails. I lowered the gearing on mine to 13/39. It's a cheap way to make the quad more functional. If you happen to ride in wide open spaces, then obviously you wouldn't want to change.

Some guys put pipes and such on theirs. I have done no mods in that fashion, and I find that there is plenty of power for me. I also don't want to blast the guy behind me with noise. I did put nerf bars ( good investment) hand guards, and hand and thumb warmers. All make the riding experience more pleasurable.

I found that besides the gearing, the tires were the weak spot on mine. The Razrs don't do well in the mud. I put on ITP Blackwaters on the back. They hook up real well. I also put 23 inch Kenda Claws in the front to give a little more clearance in the front and middle. I'd recommend either tire if the terrain is similar to where we ride.

Hope this helps

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Get the front shock rezzi's. You can fully tune the suspension, then add the speed parts later.
I do alot of dune riding mostly, I have gecko paddles for that! and every now and then we ride up in the high deserts ( elevations range from 2000 to 4000 feet) but mostly ride in the dunes. I am kinda looking at replacing stock pipe to either a FMF or White BROS, but CA. just passed laws on sound levels (96 dbd) and re- jet carb. looking for best hook up in sand.Who,s got the right hook up.
Nerf bars!!! From now on the first thing I will get on a new quad that doesn't have full floor boards is a set of Nerf bars!! Your ankles will thank you when you slip!!!
yeah, nerf bars, ive not been on my pred for a week now cause of my ankle :(
Well! I think my 1st thing to modify is the W.B. pipe, then 2nd i will probably go with the 13/39 gearing.I really dont want to start adding more waight to the beast.i rather slip off the foot peg witch i rarely do then have 450 lbs roll on me witch is more likely to happen with the terain i ride on
to me nerfs are VERY crutial and I know first hand. MY ole man ran his foot over Twice just awaiting his nerfs in the mail and it was solid black for a month! Do you race any? This will keep you safer when racing too. I cant strees the importance enough about nerfs.That would be my next mod but thats just me ...TINA :)
too bad the DB leles are so low, I would suggest the Trinity pipe for a pipe. I love itso far.. :) seems as though most of the pipes for the Predator run on the olud side Im afraid..:(
Yeah I here you quadjunkie! California has too many tree hugers,and they are allways looking for a way to pass laws on ordinary people to not have any more fun....sorry i had to rant a little, but the Dcb. on the W.B. pipe might be a little high but they can adjust and i here the FMF is way to loud specially for CA laws.Its funny too that FMF factory is only 5 Miles away from my house.I dont race but I do alot of dune riding and some jumping but i have A 250R ATC ive been riding for years never had problems with foot slipping. But now that im thinking about it i might want to couse my luck i will slip now
Funny how some of the best pipe makers are manufactered in Calf!!!! go figure that one!! of all people they know how the DB levels have to be met.....lol....Jethro might I suggest you go knock on wood,you just jinxed yourself!!!!
Ok I decided on nerfs and the W/B pipe with the 13/39 geering now all i have to do is work a few saturdays to afford them
Sounds like a nice enough "carrot on a stick". :D
Its starting to get into the 100's dcb with W/B pipe but I think i could get away with that. Plan on going to Pismo Beach soon will find out their if get a noise ticket.Do any of you mid west guys have any dunes out there?
There's the Little Sahara in Waynoka Oklahoma. Check out the website. We're going back in September for Sandfest.

J-man have you ever heard of the infamouse Glamis Dunes in CA.? if you have not then check out this web site
WWW.glamisdunes.com or glamisonline.org
Glamis dunes have more pic,s
the season to ride there is now closed but kicks butt all winter long.
if ever get a chance to go it is out of this world riding there!
Nerf bars dont make the quad any faster. ;)

Suspension!!!!! Do the Suspension!!! Or....just do what I did, leave the entire bike alone and blow the stickers off with a pwr washer. :))

Good luck with your mods bud, let us know how they work out for ya!!
What is the best pipe for the predator...and should a wait on the K&N untill I get a Pipe
The nerf bars don't make it faster! wow ( just kidding ) no they don't.
but if you read up i jinxed myself couse i never slip off :)
thjey dont make you faster,but they keep you safer, nerfs area smart investment IMO........
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