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Gearing Question

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I was wondering what kind of gearing set-up that would give me more top end speed and also keep down the tire spin if possible.The reason being,I don't want to jet or put on a pipe until I get use to this thing,because this bike really has a lot of power but it seems to wind out pretty quick.I also raced a stock banshe and I got him by almost a bike,but the other banshe with a pipe and some jetting beat me pretty bad,The only way he got me was when he shifted into sixth until then I was ahead of him,thus my reasons for wanting to know some diffrent gear set-ups that would give me a little more up top.....thanx guys
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Hmm, you could go to a 36 tooth rear but, everyone (myself included) thinks this bike is geared to high as it is!
So David what do you sudgest.I don't want to go the whole jetting and pipe thing just yet,and this thing really winds out fast but in the trails 1 and 2 really really winds out when you're getting on it and all it does is spin.
I have found out that in the sand gearing is totally opposite than on hard pack, if you want more top end in the sand you have to be able to pull a higher gearing or else you will be going backwards on top end speed (bike will lug) I know other four strokes that actually have down geared and go faster in the sand. that also depends on how soft the sand is that you ride in too. you didn't tell us what terrain your are racing in but this is the basically what I have learned about sand.
hi i had the same problem in the bush i was lucky to go 90 ks i dropped one tooth in the front now im sitting on 120 ks heaps better good luck
TLDPred500, I really like your Avater.
I went down to a 13 in the front also. Mine feels like it needs another gear on the top end but for everything else I love it. Stock is too high for trails unless you have some mods to help the low end. I still manage to kill mine once in awhile.
I run a 14/38 but will be switching to a 36 tooth rear. We have a dune trip coming up and i have found it very easy to over gear the predator for sand. It seems to like grabbing gears rather than shifting them in the sand, through trails with a 13 tooth i just hit the rev limiter way to much. Then again with a stock setup i would gear it down for the dunes. But your not playing in the sand so all this maybe useless info to you lol.
Pred_96, ya'lls trails out in Kansas must be wider than ours out here in NC. ;) The 13t front sprocket is perfect.........
lol they must be. Trail gears for me is 14/38. It would be 13 tooth but out here we do way to much diff riding to have a certain gearing setup.
The exhaust helps too, if you have a few mods, you can pull the higher gearing a little better. Mines all stock except for my custom bent steering stem, lol.
here courtesy of the_predator
lol, he must of stole that out of my profile that i stole out of someone elses!
lol that i stole him from
I have just purchased an 05 Std and so far running up and down the driveway, I love the bike. So far the only thing I will be changing is going to ITP Sand Star tires. However, I am also wondering about gearing for sand. I will traveling to our dunes in Oregon in a couple of weeks and I would like to know about gearing. It seems as if they are geared high and I would like to be able to climb everything a banshee with mods can do. Can anyone help?
Climbing, sand... A 13 tooth front is what you need. As far as doing what a Banshee with mods can do, you need more than a gearing change.
lol what mods are we talkin my banshee whips my preds ass on hillclimbs and can clim some stuff that makes ya almsot crap yer pants.
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