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Hello all,
New to posting here...i searched many threads and haven't found my exact problem so I was seeing if you all had any thoughts before I start throwing parts at it...

-6 weeks ago, we rode and rode all day then I clicked the lights on (during the ride), once I went to restart it. It was DEAD. No neutral light, no crank- ZERO.
I figured I fried the battery, it was 2 years old so I put a new one in and it ran. A bunch...day in and day out, plenty of hours in the 1 month since the battery replacement.

-This morning, rode hard for an hour at the dunes, even flipped the **** thing, and it restarted fine time and time again.
After that I rode for a bit, when riding back to the trailer I clicked the Lights On since I was on a road now. Shut it off, wouldn't restart a few min later, no neutral light, NOTHING. Battery was shot, showed 1% on batt life.

My buddy says it could be the stator? Then when I click the lights on, thats what overloads it?

What are you all's thoughts?

Got a new battery....haven't installed yet in case there is something else I should be checking out?

Any advice would be amazing!
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