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Clicking Sound????

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When ever I hit my rear brakes hard I hear a clicking sound from the rearend. What could this be?
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Hey Junkie,

I have the same problem. The mounting bracket for the brake caliper is probably loose. Take hold of the caliper, if it moves around any, it is bad. My dealer sent me the new bracket and the cam that it rides on.

I noticed my rear caliper is loose also. I didnt notice if it was loose before I put my rear sprocket on. Is my problem the same?
Mine is loose too... it rattles pretty good when you first start moving, but quiets out after a while. I've showed the problem to the dealer and they don't seem to think there's a problem. We'll see.

Ditto on a loose rear carrier pin..........friggin local dealer says "its broken in now" and nope, they would warranty the part.......Just like dragging brakes and loose ball joints......Polaris FACTORY won't pay them for the parts, so they don't fix it.

bass tards.......
i have some what the same problem i know but whenever i shift down to 2nd or 1st grear and after slowing down abit i hit my brakes a jsut a bit and i hear that rattling sound
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