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1.Changed the 14 tooth front sprocket to a 13 tooth. gives it a little better hook up on the bottom end.
2.Added the K&N drop in filter to replace the stock filter. Better air flow.
3.Added TPI valves to air box. Allows more air into the airbox.
4.Rejetted to a 160 main jet.
5.White Bros. slip on pipe. This in conjunction with the above mods gives a nice increase in HP, better throttle response on the bottom end which results in better starts in racing and its a little quicker coming out of the turns.
6.TrailTech X-bars and mount. The X-bars are a little wider than stock and they give you a little better control feel than the stock bars.
7.Get the shock resi's for the front shocks. they really do make a difference.
8.Propeg nerfs. wider footpegs than stock.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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