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Anyone interested in a pipe for Predator 90s

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D&D Racing of snowmobile fame built a pipe for my dealers son's Predator 90
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SO lets hear about the pipe. How well did it do? I know a trinity really woke up my Daughters two stroke when we piped it. Is it loud? TINA :)
What did it cost and would it fit a Sportsman 90?
The pipe not to loud, not sure how many decibles it puts out but I can check. I'll be racing against D&D tomorrow in Harrisville I'll ask Dan about the numbers and post them when I get back.
I spoke to Dale today about the pipe for the 90's, He said he couldn't give me any hp numbers because they don't have a dyno for quads yet, all he could tell me was it was good for 4mph on top with out any other changes to the bike.
Will it fit on the Scrambler 50?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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