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i know this topic is gone over a lot,, but can someone help me get it all at once,, in one spot, right now my pred is bone stock, and where i race nobody is doing anything but pulling out the spark arrestor on the stock pipe. i want to open up my airbox, or possibly get a slip on k/n filter and ditch the airbox. i know that either way im gonna have to rejet and set my needle,, but i havent done much carb work, can anyone reccomend anything, simple but effective, and possibly show me some pics or walk me through the carb thing. im going to have to run the factory pipe a while, between money and db limits in my town, will this hurt me? if so how? just trying to get an edge, if anyone can help. i also plan on making a pair of radiator scoops, as my fan seems to run forever,,, and if it helps anyone i live in south dakota, so no mountain riding,, thanks for any input you can give me
jeff ([email protected])
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