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400ex vs. my pred.

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Hey I just got a new Predator, completely stock until they get the pipe in at my dealership. My buddy has a 2003 400ex with slip on WB pipe, Uni dual stage filter and Dynojet kit installed. He swears he can beat my stock predator in a drag race.... what do you guys think???

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You might want to find out what crack hes smoking, cuz I want some too =)
Ya, he and my other buddy both say the 400ex is faster. I just think it's louder and feels like it takes off faster because the predator resists wheelie pops on hard take off and the 400 will yank right up. I'm pretty sure that once 3rd and 4th gear kick in, it'll be ugly.

Hey one more question.... Did your predators start to feel faster and faster as they got broke in?? Mine seems to be doing that, it's sounding better and getting faster, I changed the oil after the first hour and a half, now it's been about 3 since then, so less than 5 hours. Way I see it, my bike still has some breaking in to do...

According to the manual if you add the initial break in oil change plus the next one, the break in period takes about 12 hours and 2-3 oil changes. During that time the engine should get better gas mileage and slowly improve in performance.

Ive noticed that mine has improved also, first day I got it, it wouldnt pop up in first gear, 5 hours later I can torque it up thru 3rd gear in stock form.
dude i have a buddy that has a 400ex whith ported and polished head running on alcohol and nitro methane and he cant out run my predator. he gives me good race till i 3rd gear. when i race him i cant mess around got to be agressive of the line.depends how far your racing. we race all the the way to top end.
I have BOTH . My 400ex is what I primarily ride. It has a Yoshi full system and I can honestly say.... it smokes me BIGTIME...I can get it off the start but the Predator pulls so hard in mid and top ther eis NO way he will beat it.. Thats my story and Im stickin to it!! lol..... TINA
A stock Predator makes 52 hp according to Polaris and Dirt Wheels magazine. A stock 400EX makes about 29 hp.

robg look at reality the predator a power house but its no where close to 52hp i have seen dyno 35hp to the the wheels.
That simply means the dyno that you saw is turning out lower numbers across the board. If you put a 400EX on the same dyno it'll show probably 15-18 hp.

I know for a fact that the Predator makes that kind of power because I've seen results from three other dyno sessions that all point to that figure. Heck, if I remember correctly Tina's Predator (QuadJunkies) has dynoed around that number too.

Trinitys numbers are 51.8 with a drop in filter gains are somewhere around 8 HP with a direct to carb K&N around 10HP. People Dyno diffentently on quads so numbers are gonna vary .Theres no way a 400ex can keep up with that(I wish my 400ex could!) you would have to mod the snot out of it first and then......maybe......I still love the EX though, sure can wheelie!!lol :)
When you figure a 453cc Yosh motor on a Z400 can't keep up with my Predator (before the clamp on filter), and a Trinity 465EX is getting beat by my friend's piped Raptor, it's gonna take nitrous or turbos on one of those two to beat a Predator. :)

Gotta love it.

35hp is stock to the back wheels not modifide sure you could get 52hp if you spent some money. i was whooping up my freinds raptor and whith a few mods he whooping up on me now. not by much thoe.you can only do so much with a 500cc with out going in to the motor.
yes me pro race every weekend I am the one with the raptor we out run everything except the ones that are really modified. me and pro run a tite rans who ever get off the line the best your not going to catch eather one.
Thanks I needed a good (laugh) HA HA S A A HA HA
me like fidywiters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My modd'ed 400EX feels like it could rape my Predator from bottom to mid range.(short drag race) As for mid to topend, my honda is strong, but it just doesnt have that same pull in the upper RPM's that my stock Predator has.
Im tell ya.......Drag raced a 440 this wk end. and MAN!!...... this guys quad is fast!!!!!! MY preddy won 3 our of 5, but he ended up getting me by half a bike lenght once and another time by like 2-3 feet...Only other quad schoolin us all this wk end was a Raptor 727 and no one could touch him.....Im hoping a new set of paddles will help the next race,my new paddles had NO hook up cause they wer all coming off..... :(
Well I finally made it to the dunes. Right out of Rock Springs,WYO. I was hoping to see a new mach (yzf 450). But no such luck, I did get to see a 2003 400ex out there. And ask him if he would like to run them, he said sure. Then he asked me what I had in mine. Stock for the most part, his was pipe and jetted. I ask him if we should try a hill climb first, sure he said. Off we went, (it was the biggest hill out there also). I raced up to the top and gased it all the way down. No I did'nt jump down it, pretty dam steep. I stop at the bottom and wait for him. I looked up and could see he stop at the top and just look down for a few seconds. Then down he came, as he was coming down. I started back up, turn around before I hit the top to meet back up with him on the bottom. I ask him to give it a go and off he went WFO. Well **** was I suppised when he did'nt make it to the top. About 3/4 the way up. I thought maybe he miss a gear. Down he came for a new run, this time a lot longer run. And by dam if he only made it up 3/4 again. Well I thought it was time to start showing off. And started at the base of the hill, hit 1st than 2nd and broke the top with speed to spare. The race was allready over. later
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my friend has a race ready 440ex with lots of extras and even when my predator was stock he didnt stand a chance..it was pretty even until i hit third gear, then i jus took off!!!now wiht my mods he doesnt even stand a chance from the beginning!
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