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I have an 05 Sportsman 500 HO with EBS. I used it a couple weeks ago to yank down an old chicken coop, and afterwards it seemed like the clutch was engaging late, so I figured I fried the belt.

I was due for a bunch of maintenance so I changed the oil, fluid in the front diff, rear diff/trans, and got a new belt (3211095). Afterwards, I hop on my machine and shift into gear and it starts creeping forward on it's own, and I cannot shift while its moving. I have to shut the atv off to be able to switch.

The belt is slightly off center and touching the outer face of the drive clutch. I'm thinking that I may need to replace the one-way bearing in the primary clutch. The price for one from the dealer is $220, while ebay is $180. With any luck I can just clean and grease the bearing, and replace the washers and spacer.

I think I can get a new complete primary clutch for just over $100. So I'm here to ask for advice from anyone who has had this problem before.

If the bearing is shot, do you recommend a certain aftermarket clutch that's under $200-250?

Also, is there any way to use a non-EBS clutch on my Sportsman?
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