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Daughter was out riding last week and the machine just stopped moving but stayed running. It starts fine and idles fine but will not rev up at all and dies eventually after holding the throttle. It will start right back up and idle though.

I have replaced the following:
Ignition Switch
All the clutch parts including the belt.
Fuel Filter
New polaris carb not aftermarket. (replaced the reeds as well)
New air filter and filter box

Has new top end with 125 psi compression (new head, piston, jug, rings and all gaskets)

I have pretty much replaced everything but the crank seals.

All the limiters were removed a long time ago including the cdi jumper. No throttle screw anymore. Is there another safety mechanism I am missing? I have read some threads where the rear brake light switch is wired into the safety system somehow, but I have been unable to determine that.

Its getting fuel, the vent is not plugged. I went through the new carb 3 times to make sure there was nothing obstructing the main jet. I am at the point of just buying a new engine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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