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Hello, I'm new to ATV's and just acquired this older one for my 81yr old dad. I had dirt bikes growing up but that was moons ago lol.
The problem I'm having pertains to the starter / bendix / flywheel.
most times when I energize the starter in spins and there's a horrible noise like bearings or BB's. The flywheel doesn't spin at first.
I assumed it was starter until I discovered this bendix thingy. I can't tell if the bendix is bad. It's not rusty and teeth are good. I connected the starter to power and it spins quietly. The flywheel teeth edge has some worn edges; not broken though.
1. So, how do you tell if the bendix is bad?
2. Should the starter and/or bendix both be changed when one of them goes out?

Thanks in advance :)
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