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This was posted by another rider. I'd like some thoughts on it from some experts. I just put this sprocket on my Predator, and I'm curious as to whether he is right.

the 13 tooth sprocket isn't an exact match. besides a 13 tooth doesn't give the right turning radius. it actually wants to rip the back
aqxle forward instead of turning it. the right solution is a 40 or 41 with a 14 tooth counter sprocket. the predator needs the larger counter



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Mine's been working just fine for a month and a half... and from comparing the stock 14 to the 13, I'd say it IS an exact match.

I can certainly understand what he's saying in that the larger-diameter 14 may turn more smoothly, but there are lots of quads out there that run small countershaft sprockets... if you drop a tooth on a Raptor you're down to a 12 (and I know of people who run 11's on their Raptors without a problem).

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