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  1. Predator General
    Hi I am new here I have a opportunity to buy this YZF450 with a Polaris predator 500 engine swapped in it Engine turns and wiring just need to be done Any suggestions and is this a good build ?
  2. Predator General
    I just recently took in on trade a what seems to be super clean 2004 Polaris predator 500. Didn't get much info from seller on what caused the damage. However upon removal of stator cover I noticed several things, broken teeth on flywheel, the part of the case that the dowel goes into for the...
  3. Supporting Members Forum
    Recently I aquired and 05 polaris predator 500! I did the whole front end (bearings alignment inner and outer tie rods) I was riding home yesterday and noticed on my left back tire it had a slight wobble not a lot just a little bit Is this a bearing or does this happen when you are going fast...
  4. Maintenance
    First post on here and I just have a question on the cam timing and how bad it has to be out for valves to kiss, anyways first of all the quad wasn’t starting, so after doing research for all of 15 minutes I had decided on valve shims being the cause, went to the manual and screwed up...
  5. Predator Electrical
    Hi guys new here and I thought you all would be the best place to get help. I have a 2005 Predator 500 motor that I have transplanted into a Joyner buggy. My issue is I am not getting spark. I have not incorporated any of the Preddy wiring, it’s just the engine, CDI and voltage regulator. I...
  6. Predator General
    So I thought I completely grenaded my predator 500 yesterday but I took off the head and what happened was the right exhaust valve for whatever reason took out a little sidewall where the bucket rests and left a tiny crack in the head. I think it was from ice water making the head cool down...
  7. Predator General
    Need a new head for my 06 predator 500 ASAP (any year will work 03-07). If the valves are already installed even better, If you have one to sell shoot me a message!!
  8. Predator General
    Hello. I recently purchased a polaris predator 500. The day after bringing it home I went to start it and it wouldn’t start and would barely crank. The next day it no longer cranked at all. It will bump start/pop start, but will not crank at all from the electric start. Installed a new battery...
  9. Predator General
    i’m 6’3-6’4 300lbs, am i too big for my 2004 polaris predator 500? when i sit on it, it fits me pretty well but i don’t know if i’m just too heavy for it. (haven’t rode it yet cause i’m still trying to learn how to install the cylinder head). thank you guy in advance
1-9 of 9 Results