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  1. Supporting Members Forum
    Recently I aquired and 05 polaris predator 500! I did the whole front end (bearings alignment inner and outer tie rods) I was riding home yesterday and noticed on my left back tire it had a slight wobble not a lot just a little bit Is this a bearing or does this happen when you are going fast...
  2. Scrambler / Sport / Trail Blazer
    Hey everyone, hoping I can get some help here from you guys. I've got a 2020 scrambler xp 1000 s, it's a great machine other than I've had to put 5 belts on in 900Km. It's been to the dealer numerous times for the same issue. They covered the 1st belt under warranty. But the other 4 have been...
  3. Predator General
    Hello. I recently purchased a polaris predator 500. The day after bringing it home I went to start it and it wouldn’t start and would barely crank. The next day it no longer cranked at all. It will bump start/pop start, but will not crank at all from the electric start. Installed a new battery...
1-3 of 3 Results